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Industry Land for the Future

The South West region of Western Australia offers a range of industrial land suitable for both heavy and light industry.

The Preston Industrial Park contains about 3,000 hectares that will become available for light and specialised industry.

Industrial estates at Kemerton, north of Bunbury, and Shotts, near Collie, provide 2,100 and 235 hectares of land respectively for heavy industry.

A structure plan is being developed for Kemerton and the estate is expected to be 'project ready' in 2014.

The South West Development Commission is an excellent first point of contact for any company considering doing business in the region and can assist in locating suitable land.

Kemerton Industrial Park

Just 17 kilometres from the port city of Bunbury is Kemerton Industrial Park, the region's major resource processing area.

The park offers prime industrial land in the heart of the South West and is accessible by major transport routes including the Forrest Highway, which connects Bunbury to the State capital of Perth.

Visit the Landcorp website for more information on the Kemerton Industrial Park.

Multi-million dollar expansion at Kemerton

Silicon producer Simcoa recently announced plans to expand its operations in the South West, with two new furnaces to be built at Kemerton Industrial Park.

The project will double Simcoa's current capacity by the end of 2013 and help meet the increasing worldwide demand for silicon, driven in part by the growing solar energy sector.

Shotts Industrial Park

The proposed Shotts Industrial Park, in the coal-rich Collie area, will be key to accommodating future industries.

Since the Shotts Industrial Park business case was endorsed by State Cabinet in early 2009, a number of companies have shown interest in setting up operations at the 235ha park, including a urea plant.

Located in close proximity to the Collie coalfields, the site is serviced by power, rail and roads and located in close proximity to the Collie coalfields.

The South West Development Commission is part of the steering committee for the industrial park and will continue to work towards advancing the proposal.

Preston Enterprise Park (northern precint)

The South West Development Commission is developing the Preston Enterprise Park (Northern Precint) to accommodate future South West business and industry.
Picton Enterprise Park is located on the South Western Highway, approximately 10 kilometres from the Bunbury CBD.

The Enterprise Park is home to a range of industries operating in the sectors of manufacturing and fabrication, fuel storage and distribution, and waste recycling.
The South West Development Commission has undertaken feasibility work for the next stage of the Picton Enterprise Park.

Useful Links & Documents

Simcoa announces multi-million dollar expansion.

Simcoa president Erv Schroeder, Simcoa vice president Jim Brosnan and Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls at the launch of Simcoa’s expansion.