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Grant Approvals

We are proud to provide a helping hand to organisations working to make a positive difference to the South West region of Western Australia. With our support, organisations are getting the help they need to get projects off the ground and carry out vital community services.

This section of our website outlines the grants process and details important information about how funds are received and how they must be acquitted.

Once a grant is approved, we send a letter to the recipient to let them know how much the grant is for and what paperwork needs to be done in order to receiving the funding.

At the same time, recipients will be sent a grant agreement which must be signed and returned to us before funds can be paid.

Grants are paid by electronic funds transfer.

At the completion of each funded project, a grant acquittal must be completed. This is for accountability reasons relating to how State Government money is spent.

If your project changes, please let us know as soon as possible.


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