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The South West is one of the fastest growing winemaking industries in Australia with a significant increase in wine production and exports over the last five years.

The Margaret River Wine Region is the major wine production region. There's been some growth in other premium brand wine regions though Margaret River remains the largest producer.

Grape tonnage by region


Grape tonnage (crushed)

Region 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Blackwood Valley 1,609 2,135 n/a 1,262 n/a 1,747
Geographe 8,184 9,407 n/a 6,232 n/a 6,765
Manjimup/Pemberton 7,031 5,032 n/a 4,741 n/a 3,278
Margaret River 31,719 33,819 n/a 31,370 n/a 35,813
TOTAL TONNAGE 48,543 50,393 n/a 43,605 n/a 47,603

Wine Australia 2012

Figures may not add due to rounding.
n/a - data not available.
2010 data is based on the financial year ending June 2010. All other years listed are based on the calendar year.