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Housing choice

Whether you're moving from overseas or are contemplating a seachange or treechange, the South West region has a variety of housing options to suit singles, couples and families.

As well as traditional single storey houses, people have the choice of living in the growing number of units, villas, lifestyle villages and rural retreats being developed around the region.

The City of Bunbury and other coastal towns have experienced an enormous increase in real estate values, whereas the inland towns have seen a more steady increase in real estate prices in the last few years.

The property market in the South West region shows a wide variety in real estate prices across the various locations, with the median house price for the Greater Bunbury Area listed at $365,000 (September 2011). In Busselton the median house price was $385,000 while in Manjimup it was $250,000.

For information regarding WA State Government residential subdivisions see LandCorp's website for projects in the South West Region.

For further information on South West real estate, agent listings and property search facilities, visit



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Whether it’s a seaside retreat or an apartment in the city, the South West offers a range of housing options.