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New co-working arrangement to lead to closer ties

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A State Government agency is leading by example by entering a co-working arrangement with a peak not-for-profit organisation that's expected to lead to closer ties and greater collaboration.

The newly-inked arrangement means that the WA Indigenous Tourism Operators Council has a space at the South West Development Commission's Bunbury office at a time when recognition of the Aboriginal tourism sector's potential is growing.

The opportunity to partner came about after WAITOC required somewhere temporary to work from for about six months.

WAITOC chief executive officer Robert Taylor said he was pleased the organisation now has a desk at SWDC.

"Working day-to-day in the Commission's office helps WAITOC keep in touch with the developments in the South West and also supports the region to get a closer understanding of Aboriginal culture," Mr Taylor said.

SWDC acting chief executive officer Rebecca Ball said as part of the Commission's efforts to grow the economy and support local jobs, it aims to develop the region's tourism market.

"The Commission has a strong relationship with local tourism organisations in the region, including WAITOC which provides an important service through its work in supporting local Aboriginal businesses," Ms Ball said.

"SWDC works to support Aboriginal tourism, as well as the wider tourism industry in the region, and we look forward to building on the strong relationship we already have.

"We encourage other organisations and businesses to support Aboriginal tourism and not-for-profits where possible."

SWDC is part of the WA Government and works to make the South West region an even better place to live, work and visit. Developing the economy and enhancing quality of life are key areas of focus.

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