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Strategy to grow South West music industry

Thursday, 29 March 2018

It can be challenging making it in the music world, but plans are under way to make it easier for South West residents to carve out a career in the industry.

The South West Development Commission, in partnership with regional stakeholders including the Creative Corner, is developing a strategy to grow the South West's music industry.

As part of its efforts to create a thriving creative community, the State Government agency is leading efforts to identify opportunities to support employment.

SWDC acting chief executive officer Rebecca Ball said the Commission worked to develop a dynamic economy capable of sustaining a diverse range of jobs for locals.

"For many people, music is a sideline act to other employment, but we want to develop the industry in the South West so that there are more opportunities for local people to pursue a living from their passion," Ms Ball said.

Creative Corner vice president Noah Shilkin, a local music producer, said technology meant it was becoming easier for people based out of the larger cities to participate in a global industry.

"The strategy will give people who don't live in urban centres the chance to access the tools necessary to pursue a career in music," Mr Shilkin said.

"It's not just about being a rock star or the guy on stage, there are many aspects to the industry. Potential career options range from sound engineer to record producer to graphic designer."

The strategy will involve undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the industry in the region, as well as outlining and putting into action ways to build the region's music industry.

An early initiative that is being rolled out via the Creative Corner is the Notes for Notes program, which encourages people to make a voluntary contribution to acts playing at live venues. The contributions form a bonus for live acts on top of their original fee.

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