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Seeds planted for growing Bunbury into Western Australia’s second city

Monday, 14 May 2018

Building Bunbury into Western Australia's second city has officially begun with the group tasked with overseeing planning for key transformational projects holding its first official meeting.

Members of the newly-formed Bunbury Development Committee came together last month to take a close look at projects set to drive the city forward.

Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront and the Koombana Park project as well as the redevelopments of Withers and Glen Iris will all benefit from the new level of cross-government and stakeholder coordination afforded through the formation of the committee.

Bunbury Development Committee chairperson Robyn Fenech said the group was looking forward to producing positive outcomes on projects that will deliver jobs, economic growth and community infrastructure.

"This is a great mechanism to bring focus and community input to some of Bunbury's key economic and social projects, which will play their part in Bunbury's ongoing transformation," Ms Fenech said.

South West Development Commission acting chief executive officer Rebecca Ball said a key component was building on the planning work already carried out to create the best possible outcomes for the city.

"This is a terrific example of community representatives and State Government agencies coming together for the good of Bunbury," Ms Ball said.

"It will be important that the community be involved, and as a result, community reference groups will be established in the future."

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