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Shire of Boyup Brook

The Shire of Boyup Brook  has an economy based strongly on primary industry, with the emphasis on broad scale agriculture. Industries include wool, vineyards, timber plantations, sheep, cattle, grain and olives.

The town of Boyup Brook is an agricultural service centre, with a complement of secondary and service industries. Commercial activities directly associated with the district's primary production are established within the town site, including a grain terminal, machinery dealers, agricultural suppliers, stock agents, livestock transporters, and stock sale yards.


Visit the Boyup Brook visitor information website for detailed information on local attractions, events, tours and accommodation options.

Shire statistics

Towns & communities
Boyup Brook, Wilga, Mayanup, Dinninup, Kulikup, Tonebridge
Local industries
Vineyards, Timber Plantations, Sheep, Cattle, Pigs, Grain Harvesting, Olives, Cottage Industries
Resident population / annual growth rate
Building value
Residential / non-residential building values
Number of residential building approvals
Labour market
Labour force / unemployment rate
Average income
Average taxable income per annum $60,303
Value of agricultural production

ABS Census data

Community Profiles
Census QuickStats