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Number of international visitors ('000)

International visitors

Number of domestic visitors (million)

Domestic visitors

Tourism expenditure ($ million)

2014 2015 2016 2017
Day visitors 302
335 336
Overnight - Domestic visitors 1,045
1,012 1111
Overnight - International visitors
141 110
TOTAL VALUE ($M) 1,447 1,501 1,488 1557

Tourism Research Australia, International and National Visitor Surveys.

a) Data relates to the SWDC South West boundary and not Australia's South West tourism region.
b) Data is based on a three year annual average to improve the reliability of the data.
c) In January 2014 the NVS methodology was changed. Consequently, data for 2014 onwards is not comparable to previous data.

Visitor information

Tourism Western Australia produces annual data on the number of international, interstate and intrastate visitors, their length of stay, and how much they spend. It also details the types of accommodation used and main activities while in the region. Go to the Tourism WA website for more on visitor statistics and research.