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Margaret River Perimeter Road – Stage 2

Following completion of a 1.8 kilometre section of the Margaret River Perimeter Road in 2015, work is now under way on the second stage of the project.

Once complete, the road will provide an alternative route for heavy vehicles around the town centre, taking trucks off the main street.

This will reduce congestion and improve safety. It will also pave the way for a redevelopment of the main street.

Stage two involves the construction of:

  • 5.2 km of perimeter road to connect to Stage One at Rosa Brook intersection
  • 2.3 km long John Archibald Drive and roundabout connection with the perimeter road
  • The roundabout north of Margaret River and associated road connections
  • A new entrance road to the airport
  • A 96 m long road bridge and a separate footbridge on the Darch Trail.

Further information

Project overview
Aerial plan

For more information, visit Main Roads.

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Margaret River Perimeter Road

Margaret River Perimeter Road