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Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront

Making the leap from paper to reality

The vision for Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront is on its way to becoming a reality.

After years of planning and consultation, funding has been secured for two stages of the project.

The State Government has made the following allocations of Royalties for Regions money:

  • Stage 1 - $24.9 million towards revitalising Koombana Bay and redeveloping the Dolphin Discovery Centre
  • Stage 2 - $20.73 million towards enhancing and integrating two key locations: Casuarina Drive, including BP Beach and the foreshore, and Jetty Road causeway.

The envisioned third stage would involve creating a marina and marine industry facilities at Casuarina Boat Harbour. The State Government has affirmed its commitment to fast-tracking this stage.

For more about the project, download the project overview.

About the vision

The rethinking of how Koombana Bay, the Casuarina Boat Harbour and Outer Harbour could be best used in the coming years is shown in a series of artist's impressions that point towards a tomorrow we can all get excited about.

The vision paints a picture of a vibrant water's edge, buoyed by a lively marina filled with cafes and shops, greatly enhanced public open space and amenity, and a working harbour - all connected back to the city centre.

It's expected to help Bunbury build on its strengths so it can reach its potential as a thriving recreational, tourism and marine hub.

For more information, visit .


In early 2014, people were invited to have their say on a concept plan for enhancing Bunbury's waterfront infrastructure.

A total of 52 submissions were received, and the overall positive response from the public has meant that further planning was carried out.

As planning processes, people continue to have opportunities to have their say. For example, in March 2015, people were asked how they would like to see Casuarina boat harbor developed in the future. And this month, people are being given the opportunity to have their say on a vision for the future development of the Outer Harbour, Casuarina Harbour and Koombana Bay.

And most recently, people were asked to provide their feedback on the vision for transforming Bunbury's Waterfront that was unveiled on October 1 2015.  About 170 responses were received, with 95 per cent of respondents indicating approval for the overall idea for breathing new life into the city's waterfront.

People with questions about the plan or who wish to receive updates about its progress, are encouraged to contact us by phoning 9792 2000 or emailing .

About Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront Committee

The committee was formed to provide advice to the State Government on what marine and shore-based facilities should be developed around the Bunbury Waterfront, including Koombana Bay, Casuarina Harbour and the Outer Harbour.

It is coordinated by SWDC and includes representatives from a range of organisations.