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What We Do

About us

The South West Development Commission is part of the West Australian Government.

Our aim is to make the South West region an even better place to live, work and invest.

We do so by partnering with communities, government, business and industry to identify and support projects that benefit the region.

Developing the region's economy and improving quality of life are key areas of focus.

How we work

With the aim of creating a region of excellence, our blueprint guides the Commission's delivery of services into four areas:

We develop distance neutral infrastructure that is linked to world opportunities and respects our environment.

Industry and Business
We support a broad internationally engaged industry base that is business ready and Asia capable.

People and Place
We seek to develop a region of first choice, building population and improved amenity.

We drive and support agendas that promote cohesive, vibrant and engaged communities.

Our project officers aim to:

  • Maximise local job opportunities by attracting new business and industry to the region, while helping existing business and industry to grow.
  • Identify and address gaps in government services and infrastructure.
  • Support the development of communities and towns.

Our services include:

Examples of how we help:

Grant Funding - We fund projects that support the region. Find out more about funding opportunities.

Research Activities - Recent research activities undertaken by SWDC include the South West Active Ageing Research Project, and an action plan for transforming agriculture in the South West.

Projects - Recent examples by SWDC include the development of the Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport, Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront project, and the Collie EconomicDevelopment Taskforce.

Provision of Information - Information provided to individuals and businesses both inside and outside the region includes a statistical snapshot of the region, as well as information relating to international trade.

Facilitate Interagency Action - This refers to the bringing together of relevant parties such as government agencies, private business, local governments and the not-for-profit community sector to identify approvals and other planning pathways for the implementation process, and to problem solve any arising issues.

Our projects:

Browse our website to learn more about our work in the region, or sign up to the South West Development Commission's e-Newsletter to keep up to date with the projects we are involved in.

Useful Links & Documents

Our officers work throughout the South West to make the region an even better place to be.

Our officers work throughout the South West to make the region an even better place to be.