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Tourism Development

The South West Development Commission is working to ensure the tourism sector continues to develop and provide significant benefits to the region.

With more people visiting the South West than any other West Australian region outside Perth, the tourism industry has a positive impact on the South West's economy. Go to the statistics section of our website to find out the value of visitor expenditure to the region's economy.

Importantly, the tourism sector provides excellent employment opportunities.

Tourism investment opportunities

The South West region is the largest tourism destination in regional Western Australia, with 1.6 million visitors staying more than 5.5 million nights and spending more than $1billion per annum.

Pounding surf, the region’s forests, well equipped urban centres, marine experiences such as diving and snorkelling, and an abundance of premium wine and gourmet food provide an unsurpassed range of choice for visitors.

For information about current investment opportunities, click on the links below, or contact our  Industry Development Officer, Mark Exeter.

Australia's South West Tourism Snapshot
Busselton Foreshore Hotel/Short Stay Development Sites
Bunbury CBD Hotel Site
Manjimup CBD Short Stay Site

Tourism Futures South West 2013 - 2018

Tourism Futures sets out a road map for the Commission to follow as it works to grow the tourism sector in the South West region.

Our objectives of increasing visitation, increasing length of stay and increasing visitor expenditure are measurable outcomes which directly affect the viability of tourism businesses.

Our strategies of improving infrastructure, supporting wholesaling and packaging and events development are all directly linked to our objectives and provide a rationale for the proposed actions.

The Commission will work with the tourism sector, as well as local, state and federal governments, to implement the directions set out in this plan. Not all of the actions may be achieved and some may change over time. What we do have though is a coherent direction that should result in improving industry outcomes.

We would like to thank our industry partners, Tourism WA, Australia's South West and the members of our Tourism Sub Committee for their work in developing Tourism Futures, and we look forward to the challenge of continuing to build our tourism industry.

Download Tourism Futures South West.