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Our people

Here at the South West Development Commission, our most important asset is our people.

People like Alva, Ashley, Cate and Mat. And Ananda, Billy and Colette. And Deanna, Jack, Janelle and Julie. And Kyra, Mat, Mark, Matthew, Obby and Pip. And Mellisa, Sharon, Simon and Teneille...

We care passionately about the region we serve, and come to work every day with a mission to improve the region for current and future residents.

If you've got a query, feel free to contact the team - we're happy to help.

How you can help us

We welcome feedback on our activities and services. If you have any comments or suggestions that can assist the Commission improve its service delivery please contact us.

Useful Links & Documents

Congratulations to Acting Finance and Business Analyst Gayle Gray on reaching a milestone 20 years of service with the Commission.